Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

Jenn Hernandez

A Happy Dog Owner

"I ordered the product and was thrilled to test it out. I had always wondered what breed my dog was and was happy to find out there was a means for doing so! After testing, the results came in within 2 weeks and Button is a poodle-terrier mix!!"

Wisdom Panel Insights: The Dog DNA Test

A custom DNA test for mixed breeds to take the guessing out of it. With a quick swab of your furry friends cheek you will know the dog's family tree. Knowing your dogs ancestry will help you:

  • Create an effective behavior training plan specific to that breed
  • Plan exercise and playing routines that cater to your dog's natural instincts
  • Customize your dogs nutrition plan to fit their needs

Why should you trust this product?

Because they are owned by the same people who make fabulous candies like twix, m&m's, snickers, etc! But what you may have not known is they also make our furry friends delicious snacks such as whiskas and pedigree!

Mars Veterinary was established by Mars Incorprated to facilitate responsible pet care by enlightening pet owners and communities with valuable insights into their pets as individuals through innovative, science-based discoveries. A great example of this is their DNA testing kits. With this product you can expect professional leaders to give you accurate results that will allow you to better understand the needs of your dog according to it's breed. 


The Dog

This is it! It’s here. Nobody at Pet Fella knew just how excited I was to get the Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed Identification Test kit. Ever since my family got Puffy Mayhem, a Pomeranian mix, we have been very curious about what the other half of him is.

Puffy Mayhem’s name is a warning, though it won’t really prepare you for his full fur or his short temper. He is an old man, already 6. However, that doesn’t keep him from being absolutely gorgeous. Puffy stands at about 9 inches tall, when he is on all fours and weighs around 8 pounds, soaking wet. His hair is a brilliant copper color. Where Puffy differs from a Pomeranian is in his floppy ears and the shape of his snout.

Meet Puffy Mayhem:

6 years old

42 in dog years

Loves barking

Adores food

Creates havoc by chasing his young pups around

& Enjoys spending time with the family

The Kit

The box is longer than I expected. It has a bi fold incorporated onto the front of it. Once you flip it open you learn the names of the 190 (plus) dog breeds they have in their data base. On the other side it shows a genetic family tree alleging to the pictured dog’s ancestry.

Inside the box.

  • A pamphlet that has answers to frequently asked questions and instructions for collecting your dog’s DNA.
  • An envelope with postage included.
  • 2 swabs, these swabs do not have a cotton end, instead they have bristles. This does a better job of collecting skin cells from the dog’s cheek.

The Instructions

  1. Open swab sleeve. DO NOT let the bristles touch anything, it may become contaminated.
  2. Hold your dog’s head firmly and insert swab. DO NOT scrape teeth with bristles.
  3. Rotate swab on dog’s cheek and gums for 15 seconds.
  4. Place swab back in protective sleeve after letting it dry for 5 minutes.  DO NOT seal.
  5. Place both swab sleeves in mailing envelope and send.

The Process

I can only blame myself for how difficult collecting the DNA sample proved to be. I have four dogs and only because of curiosity I chose the meanest to test.  Disclaimer, I must say ANY dog would be easier than Puffy, I am sure of it.  He growled, barked and bit. However, this helped me come up with a couple of tips if your dog is also a tad difficult.

  1. Soothe your dog, let him know that there is nothing to fear.
  2. Cover your dog’s eyes before and during the process. Sometimes just seeing something upsets your animal.
  3. Have someone help. Have someone hold the dog while you collect the sample.


The Optimistic Conclusion

Taking the DNA sample was difficult in this case. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do it with my other dogs, especially since they are a lot more docile than Puffy. Now all we have to do is wait a couple of weeks and I’ll know where Mr. Grumpy came from.


Stay Tuned!!

~Kimmy, your pet-friendly blogger

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